Monday Motivation 06-29-20

Sometimes the world seems burdened by darkness. it’s hard to see the light when all around is shadow. Don’t, however, be troubled by the dark because if you can’t see the light, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. If you can’t see the light around you, that’s because it is within you. When theContinue reading “Monday Motivation 06-29-20”

Do You Need a Professional Bio?

What is a professional bio? A professional bio is an overview of a person or a business designed to provide concise and relevant information to employers and/or customers. Think of it as your first impression and the way you show your value. Professional bio style and format There are a lot of things to considerContinue reading “Do You Need a Professional Bio?”

Artist Spotlight: Ernesto Diaz

Ernesto Diaz is another artist that I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to work with. I don’t know him beyond the short period of time I contributed to a project of his in a very limited way, but he rather quickly made an impression. I was struck by his energy and spirit. SomeContinue reading “Artist Spotlight: Ernesto Diaz”

Artist Spotlight: Ami J. Sanghvi

I had the best of intentions back when I started writing artist spotlights. To be fair, I haven’t done many. The reason I started the concept in the first place was because I wanted to recognize those who create art that brings something special into the world whether it’s an artistic beauty or a newContinue reading “Artist Spotlight: Ami J. Sanghvi”