Entrepreneur Insights #1 Finding the Right Idea for Small business

Owning a small business is something that many people aspire to. It’s a way of gaining financial independence and creating something to be proud of. The problem that aspiring entrepreneurs encounter is the question of where to start. Creating the best business plan involves quite a few factors that you have to take into account.Continue reading “Entrepreneur Insights #1 Finding the Right Idea for Small business”

Monday Motivation 07-13-20

Your future is a reflection of what you do today. Your dreams don’t come true. That’s just a Disney fairytale. The good news is that the truth is actually better. Once you fully accept that life isn’t going to hand you anything and nobody is going to bippity bop you into the life you wantContinue reading “Monday Motivation 07-13-20”

Monday Motivation 07-06-2020

As long you remember that your journey has no destination but many roads, you can know that you are never on the wrong path. If where you are right now feels like a mistake or like failure, it simply means this road has taken you as far as you needed to go and now it’sContinue reading “Monday Motivation 07-06-2020”

It’s beyond time

I watched a man being murdered as he called out to his mother and begged his attackers to let him breathe. I read the same Headlines as everyone else about Breonna Taylor being murdered in a home invasion by people who thought they had the right because they have a badge. I watched a man chased down in the street and executed by shotgun with no trial after committing no crime. I watched all of this, and still, I was silent.