Best Tips For Writing and Selling a Screenplay

Why Write a Screenplay? There are many reasons a person might choose to write a screenplay. The idea of watching your words come to life on screen can be very exciting. Some writers are drawn to script writing because of a personal love for film. Some prefer the technical stage direction and dialogue to theContinue reading “Best Tips For Writing and Selling a Screenplay”

Show Don’t Tell: How to Become a Successful Freelance Writer

“Show, don’t tell” is a classic bit of wisdom and a solid piece of advice for fiction writers. In this context, the phrase refers to painting a picture in your reader’s mind rather than overloading your text with a boring description. This phrase, however, can also be used to understand one of the most importantContinue reading “Show Don’t Tell: How to Become a Successful Freelance Writer”

The Key to Improving Your Life

There is one simple thing to remember every day to make positive change in your life. Do one thing… One thing to make someone’s day better. Your life is not just something you experience, but something you actively create through your thoughts and actions. You live in the world you create and if you striveContinue reading “The Key to Improving Your Life”

What Are the Two Tiers of Success?

Success can mean many things to many people, but in general, it can be divided into two categories. On one hand, a person with a steady income, a place to lay their head, and a supportive social circle can certainly be considered a success. On the other hand, For some, success is more than theseContinue reading “What Are the Two Tiers of Success?”