Pet Project: Pet Tributes

Never have I known a friend more loyal than one with four legs. Never have I known heartbreak like the loss of a pet who knows only love. When I lost my dog Molly (below) I wrote her a tribute, because writing is what I do Afterall. Then it occurred to me that of all the writing services I offer, what could be more rewarding than helping others to create loving tributes to honor the animals who so eagerly give a lifetime of love?

In this spirit, I am offering a new service. I will put your feelings into words and create a tribute for your beloved pet, capturing their irreplaceable significance and giving you something to hold onto forever. If you are interested in a pet tribute or simply would like more information, contact me.

Pet memorial tributes

One eye was brown and the other was blue. They so perfectly painted her personality. On one side vibrant, and wild, the other soft and warm. Both would look up at me with unquestioning love as she laid her head on my lap. For 12 years, she was the only friend that never left, never changed, and never loved me any less. One eye was brown and the other was blue. Tonight my son said, “I miss Molly a whole lot.” And I said, “I do too.”