Social Media Marketing: Get Social and Get Results!

What is Social Media Marketing? Social media marketing is essential to modern business. In the past, when we thought of marketing, we might think of billboards and magazine advertisements. Today, it’s all about Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc. Why? Because modern marketing strategies are not about throwing ads at people but rather, they are about engagement.Continue reading “Social Media Marketing: Get Social and Get Results!”

Marketing in 2022: It’s time to sharpen your skills.

Marketing in 2022 is as important as ever. In some ways, it may be even more significant. If you are trying to start a new business or helping your existing business recover after taking a hit during the pandemic, strong marketing is a necessity. In 2022, we find ourselves in a new world. Some ofContinue reading “Marketing in 2022: It’s time to sharpen your skills.”

Remember These Five Marketing Tips for your Business

Marketing isn’t easy. However, once you really get into the science of it, it’s not as daunting as you may think. To firmly understand how to build a successful marketing strategy, you have to understand all of the necessary components. There is quite a bit to consider when looking to market your business. Starting outContinue reading “Remember These Five Marketing Tips for your Business”

Why Good Website Content Can Be The Difference Between Success and Failure

A strong web presence is essential to success if you are an entrepreneur or business owner. However, your online image may suffer if you don’t have a good content strategy. Understanding the significance of good website content and how to employ it will help more than you may think. Is Content Still King? It’s beenContinue reading “Why Good Website Content Can Be The Difference Between Success and Failure”

How Important is SEO Really?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important part of doing business in the digital age. After all, your business can’t be a success if no one can find it. Several years ago, most people probably didn’t know what SEO was, but these days, it seems sometimes like it’s all anyone talks about when it comesContinue reading “How Important is SEO Really?”

The Biggest Marketing Mistake That Hurts Business.

Marketing is essential to any successful business venture. The problem is that when entrepreneurs and small businesses start out, they often make the same marketing mistake. A lack of proper understanding of essential strategies can be devastating to any business plan. Why Marketing is Important Marketing is the way a business connects with customers andContinue reading “The Biggest Marketing Mistake That Hurts Business.”

Five Marketing Tips for your Business

Marketing is a science, and it has a lot of moving parts. There are a lot of things to take into consideration to market your business, but there are also a few things that can make it easier. There’s no shortcut in marketing, but below are five of my favorite marketing tips you can applyContinue reading “Five Marketing Tips for your Business”