Monday Motivation 08-24-20

How much time do you spend telling yourself all the reasons you can’t do the things you want to do? How much energy do you put into telling yourself what you can’t accomplish? I’m willing to bet that you sometimes imagine another life with a new job, wealth, travel, or whatever it is that representsContinue reading “Monday Motivation 08-24-20”

Monday Motivation 08-03-2020

Sometimes it’s hard to get off the ground and get your week started. That’s why I like to share a little motivation each Monday. Right now, I feel like we are all a bit in the same boat. It’s a lot harder these days to stay motivated, to remain, positive, to even just keep goingContinue reading “Monday Motivation 08-03-2020”

Monday motivation 07-20-20

This week’s Monday motivation is going to be a little bit different. I like to start the week with some inspirational words and I like to think that they might give someone a boost. This week, however, I’ve found it very difficult to come up with a positive message. I’ve experienced some difficulties, challenges andContinue reading “Monday motivation 07-20-20”

Monday Motivation 07-13-20

Your future is a reflection of what you do today. Your dreams don’t come true. That’s just a Disney fairytale. The good news is that the truth is actually better. Once you fully accept that life isn’t going to hand you anything and nobody is going to bippity bop you into the life you wantContinue reading “Monday Motivation 07-13-20”

Monday Motivation 07-06-2020

As long you remember that your journey has no destination but many roads, you can know that you are never on the wrong path. If where you are right now feels like a mistake or like failure, it simply means this road has taken you as far as you needed to go and now it’sContinue reading “Monday Motivation 07-06-2020”

Monday Motivation 06-29-20

Sometimes the world seems burdened by darkness. it’s hard to see the light when all around is shadow. Don’t, however, be troubled by the dark because if you can’t see the light, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. If you can’t see the light around you, that’s because it is within you. When theContinue reading “Monday Motivation 06-29-20”