Why You Should Write that Book You’re Always Talking About

Yes, this is for you. If this post found it’s way in front of your eyes and the title got your attention, it’s for you. You are a creative person. You have that unfinished work that you keep telling yourself you will publish someday, or at least finish writing it. Sometimes you feel like gettingContinue reading “Why You Should Write that Book You’re Always Talking About”

Monday Motivation 07-06-2020

As long you remember that your journey has no destination but many roads, you can know that you are never on the wrong path. If where you are right now feels like a mistake or like failure, it simply means this road has taken you as far as you needed to go and now it’sContinue reading “Monday Motivation 07-06-2020”

Monday Motivation 06-29-20

Sometimes the world seems burdened by darkness. it’s hard to see the light when all around is shadow. Don’t, however, be troubled by the dark because if you can’t see the light, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. If you can’t see the light around you, that’s because it is within you. When theContinue reading “Monday Motivation 06-29-20”