Have You Read This Yet?

As a freelance writer, I do a lot of web content and marketing copy, things like that. Occasionally, I have time to work on passion projects. Below is one that came together over the course of a few years as I added little bits at a time. This poetry collection is like a time capsuleContinue reading “Have You Read This Yet?”

Artist Spotlight: Ernesto Diaz

Ernesto Diaz is another artist that I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to work with. I don’t know him beyond the short period of time I contributed to a project of his in a very limited way, but he rather quickly made an impression. I was struck by his energy and spirit. SomeContinue reading “Artist Spotlight: Ernesto Diaz”

Artist Spotlight: Ami J. Sanghvi

I had the best of intentions back when I started writing artist spotlights. To be fair, I haven’t done many. The reason I started the concept in the first place was because I wanted to recognize those who create art that brings something special into the world whether it’s an artistic beauty or a newContinue reading “Artist Spotlight: Ami J. Sanghvi”