Friday Facts 07-31-20

Ready for some random weird facts? Here’s my top five facts for today. Let’s go. 1. Honey never goes bad. You could conceivably eat honey from around 3000 years ago and be fine. Honey is like nature’s McDouble, except Honey has nutritional value. 2. The Official State Sport of Maryland is Jousting. 3. In theContinue reading “Friday Facts 07-31-20”

Friday Facts (Saturday Edition)

Fun fact: It’s Saturday right now, and I post these on Fridays. Kind of dropped the ball on that one. Anyway, did you know that Antarctica is the only continent without a McDonald’s? Yep, here’s some more random and pointless facts you didn’t ask for. The guy that created the Rubik’s Cube, Erno Rubik struggledContinue reading “Friday Facts (Saturday Edition)”