Loss, Grief, and Moving Forward When You Don’t Feel Ready.

Right now, I’m sitting at my computer in my home office. Next to my laptop are a few items that I have decorated my desk with. Each item gives me some kind of inspiration, motivation, or just comfort. I have a globe, a small Buddha statue, and vintage figures of both Luke Skywalker and Godzilla.Continue reading “Loss, Grief, and Moving Forward When You Don’t Feel Ready.”

Have You Read This Yet?

As a freelance writer, I do a lot of web content and marketing copy, things like that. Occasionally, I have time to work on passion projects. Below is one that came together over the course of a few years as I added little bits at a time. This poetry collection is like a time capsuleContinue reading “Have You Read This Yet?”

Do You Need a Professional Bio?

What is a professional bio? A professional bio is an overview of a person or a business designed to provide concise and relevant information to employers and/or customers. Think of it as your first impression and the way you show your value. Professional bio style and format There are a lot of things to considerContinue reading “Do You Need a Professional Bio?”

Procrastination: A Writer’s Worst Enemy (Sometimes)

Writing for a living presents many challenges, most of which stem from the writer. We could say that external challenges are why you haven’t finished your screenplay, or why that manuscript is still sitting there without an ending, but let’s be real. Typically the reason we don’t get things done is not because of time,Continue reading “Procrastination: A Writer’s Worst Enemy (Sometimes)”